Indiana Training Institute

The Indiana Community Action Association (INCAA) has an extensive history of providing weatherization training for the staff of Community Action Agencies (CAA). INCAA’s role was expanded when the need for additional training for the agencies was identified. Agencies were seeking training that would further enhance the performance of staff, build capacity, educate communities regarding the issues of poverty, and secure resources to provide needed services to their target populations.

As a result, since 1997, INCAA has partnered with the Indiana Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) administrator to develop training opportunities for CAA staff, board members and their partners. This training initiative became known as the Indiana Training Institute (ITI).

Through ITI, INCAA has administered every aspect of coordination, planning and delivery of training activities and projects, including human resource, fiscal and case-manager training, along with state conferences, roundtable discussions and meetings.

The Indiana Training Institute is constantly seeking opportunities to assist Community Action Agencies in increasing the knowledge and performance of those who have committed to fighting poverty.