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ACTION ALERT: Last Chance for the House to Give
SB 185 a Hearing

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The week of April 8th is the last chance for the House Ways & Means Committee to hear SB 185. Without a public hearing, the bill can't move forward and Hoosier families would lose the opportunity to gain a valuable asset for jobs and post-secondary education.

THE ISSUE: SB 185 would allow Hoosiers to use the successful Individual Development Account (IDA) program to save for & purchase a vehicle needed for work or post-secondary education. The bill received wide support in the Senate, passing 48-0 on January 29th, but needs a hearing so it can be voted on in the House. Hoosiers deserve to hear about the potential benefits of this bill, and for their Representatives to be given a chance to vote on it.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Call or write your Representative and ask them to urge the House Ways and Means Committee to give SB 185 a public hearing and to pass the bill. Call 800-382-9842 or click to connect with your local Representative.