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About the Indiana Institute for Working Families

Overview of the Institute

The Indiana Institute for Working Families – a program of the Indiana Community Action Association (INCAA) – conducts research and promotes public policies to help Hoosier families achieve and maintain economic self-sufficiency. The Institute is the only statewide program in Indiana that combines research and policy analysis on federal and state legislation, public policies, and programs impacting low-income working families. The Institute achieves its work through advocacy and education, and through national, statewide, and community partnerships. The Institute was founded in 2004.

The Institute has completed a number of research reports and has become a reliable source for information on low-income workers in Indiana. The Institute furthers the debate that sometimes work alone is not enough to support a family and that the educational and training needs of Indiana’s workforce must be addressed in order for Indiana to compete in a global economy. The Institute plans to build upon our success to impact public policy issues through continued outreach, education and research.

Who Benefits From the Work of the Institute?

Our activities benefit low-wage workers and families with incomes below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. This income level is generally considered to be required for economic self-sufficiency - that is, the ability to support a family without public or private assistance.

The audience served by the Indiana Institute for Working Families includes: policymakers, legislators, private sector stakeholders, public/private partners, service providers, community and state college stakeholders, workforce stakeholders, advocates, and the public.

Institute Advisory Committee

The Indiana Institute for Working Families’ (Institute’s) Advisory Committee is designed to support the Institute's work activities by providing information, resources, creditability, and feedback to the Institute. The Advisory Committee is not a governing body.

Institute Staff

The Indiana Institute for Working Families (IIWF) staff are available to speak on a wide variety of public policy issues impacting Indiana’s working families.

Please contact any of the following staff members to request more information on the Institute's work, policy analysis, or to speak at your school, church, or community meeting.

Jessica Fraser


Senior Policy Analyst
Andrew Bradley


Policy Analyst

Erin Macey