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Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis


Now more than ever, Hoosiers need policies that support financial stability. Throughout this crisis, the Institue for Working Families will continue working with partners to advance policy solutions that prioritize working families' health, basic needs, and financial well-being.


As a member of the Indiana Coalition for Human Services, IIWF was eager to participate in the development of a coordinated, member-driven call for a strong policy response. Read the Indiana Coalition for Human Services policy recommendations here:


MARCH 2020 | Download the pdf


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Open Letter: Hoosiers Need Paid Sick Days - Now and For Our Future


The current crisis is drawing our failure to provide basic minimum paid leave requirements into sharp relief.


MARCH 2020 | Read the blog

The Time for Work Sharing is Long Overdue


The Institute has long advocated for a work sharing program in Indiana, but state lawmakers did not "fix the roof while the sun was shining." Luckily, the CARES Act creates another opportunity to enact a work sharing program to help Hoosier workers, businesses, and the economy weather the current storm.


MARCH 2020 | Read the blog