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IN INDIANA: 2015 Report


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The Status of Working Families in Indiana: 2015 Report

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The Status of Working Families in Indiana: 2015
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About the Report

The Status of Working Families is a biennial report that analyzes the general state of Indiana’s economy as it relates to working families by examining data on poverty, labor force and wages, followed by working-family friendly policy options. This year, our report offers access to the data, online and interactively, for users who wish to share or further explore our findings. This analysis guides our research and subsequent policy recommendations that follow each chapter. Measuring the economic health of Hoosier families is a central function of the Institute’s mission: to research and promote public policy that provides Hoosier families the ability to achieve and maintain economic self-sufficiency.

Interactive Data

The links below will point you to an external website that will allow you to interact with the data that is cited in this report. Download and share data easily. Charts are organized by topics that correspond to chapters in the Status report.

Chapter 1: Poverty (Still) on the Rise

Chapter 2: Indiana's Labor Market and the 21st Century Jobs Swap

Chapter 3: Working for a (Basic) Living

Contact the Author

Contact Derek Thomas, Senior Policy Analyst with the Indiana Institute for Working Families, the author of The Status of Working Families in Indiana: 2015 Report

Press Release

Download the press release announcing the results of the 2015 report.