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The Status of Working Families in Indiana: 2015 Report
Indiana Institute for Working Families

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Joy in Our Town

Hosted by Timeko Whitaker
WCLJ-TV 42 (Bloomington, Ind.)
March 13, 2015

In this 13-minute video segment, Derek Thomas, senior policy analyst with the Indiana Institute for Working Families, discusses the ways IIWF has been encouraging public-policy changes that aim to reverse the downward trend of economic self-sufficiency in Indiana -- the fact that the state's poverty rate is increasing, despite a decline in unemployment.

Discussion topics include how the state's social safety net programs (those that are designed to cushion the fall for Hoosiers experiencing economic downfalls) are not working, including an explanation of how the child care benefit cliff can push a hard-working adult who earns a raise (from $15 to $15.50 per hour) back down into poverty.

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