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Go inside the statehouse — live — every Friday


Pace offers scholarships for former Head Start students

Local business donates 100 gifts to Area IV clients


RCAP water specialist Mary Hollingsworth receives Hoosier Water Award

Area IV congratulates Stephanie Meyer

Pace reaches social media milestone, encourages other CAAs to support one another online


Encourage your clients to fill out the census in 2020


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Go inside the statehouse live every Friday

The popular Inside the Statehouse blog, published by the Indiana Institute for Working Families, is adding live broadcasts via Zoom call every Friday during the Indiana General Assembly in 2020.

Community Action Agency professionals (as well as the general public) are invited to join the broadcasts to ask questions and hear about what is happening in the legislature that affects working families.

Use this link to join the Zoom call every Friday at noon through March 20. You can also download and import the iCalendar (ics) file to automatically populate the calls to your digital calendar.

Reminder: Here’s how the Institute is advocating for working families this legislative session

The Institute staff have been working during the 2020 legislative session to create an Indiana where everyone can thrive. Below is an update to last month’s legislative-priorities chart, now including bill numbers (where available). You can track the progress of each bill at the Indiana General Assembly website.


Legislative Priority

Quality Jobs

Hoosiers need jobs with adequate wages and the ability to balance work, family, and health.

Senate Bill (SB)342

Provide a clear, affirmative right to reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers.

Meaningful Income Supports

When jobs are inadequate, hard to land, or impossible to sustain due to life circumstances, income supports are a critical lifeline.


Raise TANF eligibility to 50% of the federal poverty line, and adjust benefits for inflation.

Strong Consumer Protections

Without protection, predatory lenders will mire Hoosiers in debt they cannot repay.


Enact a 36% APR cap on payday loans.


Enact stronger protections against predatory online lending.

Stable, affordable housing

A safe and stable place to call home is critical to maintaining employment and children's education.

House Bill (HB) 1191

Strengthen protections for vulnerable renters and homeowners.

Access to post-secondary education and training

All Hoosiers should have opportunities to develop skills in industries and careers that fit their talents and motivation.


Advance policies that provide better alignment of programs and funding to reduce the academic costs and the non-academic barriers for Indiana's adult student learners.

What you can do:

  1. TAKE ACTION. Here’s how you can get involved.

  2. Follow minute-to-minute updates on what’s happening in your legislature via social media

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Pace offers scholarships for former Head Start students

PACE Community Action Agency sees itself as an organization that not only prepares it students for kindergarten (through its Head Start program), but for college, as well.

“Education is an important component of each of our programs and is essential to meeting our mission of providing support services that improve the community and encourage self-reliance,” explains Dr. Bertha Proctor, Pace CEO.

As part of this longterm commitment to its Head Start students’ education, Pace is again offering the annual Judith K. Bobe Scholarship for two former Head Start students who attended the program in Daviess, Greene, Knox or Sullivan counties.

The scholarships are $500 each and are to be used to assist graduating high school seniors with college expenses. Applicants are required to submit a typed essay about the impact that Head Start has made in their school readiness and in the student’s academic performance. Applications are available on the Pace website.

The scholarship is named in honor of Pace’s former Head Start director, Judith Bobe, who worked within the program for more than 40 years.


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Local facility donates 100 gifts to Area IV clients

Tate & Lyle Sagamore in Lafayette donated and delivered more than 100 holiday gifts to Area IV Agency on Aging and Community Action Programs' clients in need in December.

It was approximately the tenth year for the company’s generous giving. “It started because our employee, Jim Glatz, saw value in ensuring that [fixed-income families] are able to celebrate during the holiday season,” explains Jayne Rockhill, one of three Tate & Lyle employees who delivered the gifts. Tricia Fultz and Brittany Wells also delivered.

“With families receiving a fixed income, it is very difficult to save money throughout the year,” Jayne continued. “Jim has since retired, but we are happy to keep this tradition alive. Many of our staff look forward to giving back to our communities.”

“Our employees’ children once again made the decision to give up their own presents, so these children could have a good holiday,” adds Tricia. “It is incredible to see this kind of selflessness and willingness to put others first.”

Such selfless acts do not go unnoticed, and one person explained that the Tate & Lyle holiday donations made their children’s day. “The look on my kids’ faces when they saw those presents was perfect. Thank you for thinking of us and giving my children a great holiday.”

Tate & Lyle is a global provider of speciality food ingredients. The Sagamore facility produces and supplies innovative corn-based ingredients for customers around the world.

Area IV extends warm thanks to Tate & Lyle for its generous donations again this year and for caring for those in need.

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RCAP water specialist Mary Hollingsworth receives Hoosier Water Award

Congratulations are in order for Mary Hollingsworth, Indiana Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP) water specialist and this year’s Hoosier Water Award recipient!

Mary was recognized by the Indiana Rural Water Association (IRWA) at its conference in December, and by the Indiana Section of the American Water Works Association (INAWWA) at its annual conference earlier this week.

IRWA and INAWWA together present the annual award, which recognizes distinguished achievement and outstanding service in support of the principles the two organizations share in the pursuit of providing better water for people in the state.

“Mary Hollingsworth has worked tirelessly over the years in service to Indiana’s water industry,” the emcee announced at the IRWA conference. “In all of her years at the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), IRWA, and RCAP, she has been a champion of small drinking water systems, while balancing the needs of larger systems.

“Her unwavering dedication is evidenced by her long work history with IDEM, IRWA, and RCAP – sharing her experience and expertise with operators and also facilitating and mentoring other IDEM and RCAP staff to follow in her footsteps. She has never hesitated to lend a hand, help solve an issue, or provide guidance and support to colleagues, utilities, and friends.

“In summary, Mary’s tireless advocacy for Indiana’s water systems and the environment have benefitted us all. She is the best shining example of a public servant, and we are so fortunate to have her in our corner.”

A career of service

Mary Hollingsworth has worked tirelessly over the years in service to Indiana’s water industry. In addition to her regulatory agency duties, she has been a strong advocate for Indiana’s water utilities of all sizes.

She began her career at IDEM as a drinking water systems inspector, moved up to section chief of capacity development and operator certification, then on to branch chief of surface water operations and enforcement, eventually becoming the branch chief of drinking water.

When Mary retired from IDEM in 2014, she went to work for IRWA, where she shared her wealth of knowledge on all aspects of utility regulations and operations.

In 2015, Mary returned to IDEM as chief of the drinking water branch. She served in that capacity until 2018, when she once again retired from the State and joined the Indiana RCAP team. At RCAP, she coordinates water operator training events and continues to provide outstanding assistance to small rural water systems throughout the state.

She also serves on the INAWWA small-systems and education committees, where she shares her experience and expertise while facilitating the involvement of other IDEM and RCAP personnel to further the Small Systems Committee’s mission.

The Indiana Community Action Association congratulates Mary on her esteemed accomplishment!

Photos: (Higher) Mary, center, poses with colleagues at the IRWA conference in December. (Lower) Mary and fellow RCAP colleague Mary Hoover pose for a fun photo at an earlier conference.


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Area IV congratulates Stephanie Meyer

Area IV Agency congratulates Stephanie Meyer, an assistant teacher at Park Place Learning Center in Monticello, for earning her child development assistant (CDA) credential!

Stephanie joined Area IV in 2017. While she had had child care experience in the past, the structured child care setting was new to Stephanie. In 2018, she began working toward earning her CDA. She worked hard for more than a year, completing required coursework, developing a professional portfolio, being observed for her teaching style and taking a written test. The credential will help Stephanie move forward in her career.


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Pace reaches social media milestone, encourages other CAAs to support one another online

At the end of 2019, Pace Community Action Agency reached a Facebook milestone: 3,000 likes!

“We have found that this is an effective and inexpensive way to reach clients, potential staff and potential donors,” says Pace’s associate director, Tai Blythe. “We use it to keep our board engaged and community aware of who we are and what we do.”

Tai encourages CAA staff to follow each other’s Facebook pages — not only to help boost likes, but also to get ideas and learn more about other CAAs in the state. To make that easier, we have compiled a list of all CAAs on Facebook, so that you can quickly click on each link and then like each page.

Community Action Network Facebook Pages

Community Action Agencies


Several agencies also have a presence (or multiple) on Twitter, as well. Because many organizations are represented by individual team members’ accounts, we have not listed them all here. If you’re an active Twitter user, be sure to search or watch for posts from your statewide colleagues.


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Encourage your clients to fill out the census in 2020

An accurate census count is vital to all states in order to obtain federal funding for public health, education, housing, economic development, research and political power. It also affects how that money is allocated to communities and appropriated to various services and amenities that affect quality of life. Here’s what you can do to make sure everyone in Indiana is counted and a free promotional toolkit.


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