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Credentials of Opportunity
Better jobs, better employment and better outcomes for Indiana

Credentials of Opportunity technical guide

Please read the full report.
Please read the Technical Assistance Guide.

With the support of Lumina Foundation for Education, the Indiana Institute for Working Families, a program of the Indiana Community Action Association (IN-CAA), has released Credentials of Opportunity:Better Jobs, Better Employability and Better Outcomes for Indiana, a report highlighting how sub-baccalaureate credentials can narrow the skills gap and benefit students, employers and communities throughout the state.

Our original research for this report includes analysis of data about credential programs collected from each public institution in the state. Our findings include illuminating revelations about the powerful economic impact that credentials can have for Indiana. Hundreds more credentials lead to self-sufficient wages and jobs on the high-demand 'Hoosier Hot 50' list and/or lead to career-boosting state licenses and industry-recognized exams. However, some of the most high-impact
credentials requested by employers do not currently receive state financial aid or support. We analyze this data and make policy recommendations so the state can capitalize on these Credentials of Opportunity. >>>Please read the full report.